INLG 2010
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Photo of Paul Piwek

Paul Piwek
The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Paul Piwek's research is aimed at understanding how people communicate information. It has both an empirical and a computational strand: he works with data (e.g., video recordings) of how natural language and gestures are used in conversation, and also develops formal and computational models of information exchange. His works crosses the disciplines of Computational Linguistics and Cognitive Science.

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Photo of Gavin Doherty

Gavin Doherty
Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Gavin Doherty's main research interest is in approaches to the design of interactive systems, particularly for applications where standard approaches to user centred design are not applicable. This may be because access to end users is extremely constrained or non-existent (as with mental health applications), or it may be because systems are too complex or the work environment too large for the analyst to understand and reason about the system without conceptual tools. In terms of specific aspects of design, Gavin is particularly interested in the representation of information in the displays of interactive